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Laying the Groundwork for Future Progress
Architectural Rendering with Numbers

Map Legend

  1. Shelter (replaces the concession/restroom/shower facility)
  2. Basketball Courts
  3. Plaza
  4. Partner & Sponsor Pavilion

5.  Community Village
6.  Music & Perform Arts Center
7.  Parking Lot

Facility Enhancements and Furnishings Upgrades

Why it’s important:
The early success of this component of the campaign has facilitated exciting improvement of the Complex, which fosters a safe and secure environment, encourages growth and development, including reinforces a sense of pride in the area.  Also improve the area “perception problem” and enhances commercial viability, along with promoting therapeutic crime prevention services as a mean to impact significant behavior problems. Additional gift support will make possible even more enhancements to the complex, including modern furnishings.
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The Street Ball Center
2113 Broad Ripple Ave., #334
Indianapolis, IN 46220
PH: 317.694.3470
FX: 317.547.4782

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The Street Ball Dust Bowl Complex
6690 E. 38th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46226