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Enhancing the Youth Experience
at Street Ball Center Dust Bowl
Youth Enhancements

Utilizing outdoor activity to strengthen the capacity of residents and organizations
Improving relationship with peers through supportive activities
Increasing community mentoring and positive peer relationships

Endowment Growth

Why it’s important:
Street Ball’s endowment secures the future of the Complex. Long-term financial health through endowment growth ensures a Street Ball, Dust Bowl for future generations of youth. The need for support in this area continues beyond the initial campaign goal and will be ongoing to provide programs and service for youth and maintenances to the complex.

Complex Beautification and Paving Upgrades

Why it’s important:
 A welcoming first impression for prospective youth and patrons is critical. The overall look of a facility is very important for parents seeking a safe and secure environment for children. Already, cutting vegetation, removing litter and scattered rubbish has provided a physically and perceptually safe and secure environment for youth, residents and merchants.

Annual Fund for Youth Engagement Programs

Why it’s important:
The need for financial assistance is at an all time high for Street Ball Center. A growing Youth Engagement Annual Fund will help to attract and engage youth in the Dust Bowl. One hundred percent of a donor’s gift goes to the delay and progression of criminal and /or delinquent activities among Indianapolis youth.

Shelter and Gathering Area

Why it’s important:
In a survey of over 300 area residents conducted by the Northeast Corridor Quality of Life Team, youth listed the number one priority for young people was finding something to do. QOL presented the finding to the Street Ball Center, citing this location could serve as a focal point for small groups or individuals using nearby facilities. The addition of this shelter and gathering area will be instrumental to engaging and mobilizing young people and enrich the overall youth experience.

Facility Enhancements and Furnishings Upgrades

Why it’s important:
The early success of this component of the campaign has facilitated exciting improvement of the Complex, which fosters a safe and secure environment, encourages growth and development, including reinforces a sense of pride in the area.  Also improve the area “perception problem” and enhances commercial viability, along with promoting therapeutic crime prevention services as a mean to impact significant behavior problems. Additional gift support will make possible even more enhancements to the complex, including modern furnishings.
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